When you give you receive so much more

We have been in Zimbabwe for about a week now and had the opportunity to distribute books, clothing, shoes, and blankets to those people who desperately need them. What a rewarding experience!

We arrived at one school, Mutipitipi Primary School, while some children were in class and some were gathering water to clean their classrooms. The younger students sang songs for us and read from their school books–very enthusiastically! This school, which is generally true for all the schools here, is always in need of books and supplies

When visiting another school, we witnessed damage to students’ tables caused by the rain coming in from holes in the roof of the building. They simply have no funds to do the repairs at this time.

We were able to give out directly to some teachers for their students and for themselves. What a wonderful sight–it was like Christmas! We were able to provide not only books for the classrooms, but instructional books to help the teachers teach various subjects.

We also distributed blankets, clothes, and shoes to a very appreciative small village. Seeing the smiles on the elderly members receiving a new blanket and the grins on the small children receiving clothes lets you know that you’re doing the right thing.

You can see a lot of photos from our trip on our Facebook page, I Want To Help Africa. We will also be posting them on our Photo Gallery page on the website.

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