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We’re featuring a sister project Books4Zimbabwe, founded by Wyatt Shipp and how your donations help increase literacy in Zimbabwe!

This quarter, we’re focusing on 17-year-old Wyatt Shipp, whose efforts through I Want to Help Africa resulted in the formation of our sister project, Books4Zimbabwe, which has assisted in providing hundreds of books to a school in the rural Buhera Valley raising its literacy rate by 10%!

Click here to learn more about Wyatt and Books4Zimbabwe


IWTHA’s Fertilizer Project

Sibongile and her friends need your help!

Sibongile is a widow in Zimbabwe facing severe drought. With the help of people like you, I Want to Help Africa, Inc. gave Sibongile 10,000 corn seeds last week.  She and her grandchildren planted all the seeds the very next day. For that crop to feed her family for a year, Sibongile needs fertilizer. Each of her friends needs fertilizer too.

CAN YOU DONATE $35 FOR A BAG OF FERTILIZER? (Sibongile and her friends would be so thankful to you for any donation!)

This is what Sibongile’s land looks like. You can see why she needs fertilizer so badly. It has already started to rain in Zimbabwe. The corn soon will be sprouting.


One fertilizer bag from you can help feed Sibongile’s family all year.  But two bags can help her grow enough corn to also plant next year’s crop AND have a little extra corn left over to sell and buy some essentials. 


I Want To Help Africa, Inc. has partnered with Amazon Smile. Please visit their site and select I Want To Help Africa as your charity of choice. Amazon Smile will contribute .5% of your eligible purchases to our organization.   

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