There iAfrica Aug-Oct 2009 439Africa Aug-Oct 2009 228s an extremely simple, inexpensive and very effective method of sinking water wells that are easier to install and more permanent than most wells installed by international aid agencies. The best part of this program is that with minimal supplies, villages and individuals can install and maintain their own wells.

A frame, like the one pictured above right, is used to create a ring of cement where the well will be dug. As the soil is removed, the ring settles down into the soil. Another ring is created, once again using the frame, on top of the previous ring and the sandy soil continues to be dug out from below. As the finished rings settle, and more soil is removed, clean water is available. Should the soil cave in or the water’s quality decrease, the process can be repeated over and over! There are no moving parts to break, no pumps to fail.

The idea and manpower is there–what is needed is cement and materials to make more frames. Your donation helps obtain the cement and build the frames needed for this innovative solution.

This type of well is only in a limited number of locations. We want to expand the number of wells built like this so schools and additional villages can drink safe, healthy water–something you and I take for granted.

Below is a photo showing a school girl obtaining water from a surface well, located next to her school which does not have a deep well. The water from these types of wells is filled with contaminants and dirt, and can cause digestive problems for those who drink it.

student getting well water.a