Due to both local and worldwide pandemic restrictions on shipped goods, I Want to Help Africa is not accepting donations of tangible items at this time; however, your financial donation is still critical for helping those in need in Africa. Please consider making a financial donation by clicking on our donate page in the menu.

Donate Items

yDo you have outgrown, gently-used clothing?

Old booksHas your child left for college and you are reclaiming a room in your home?

Are yStack of clean bedding sheets isolated on whiteou trying to downsize your life and streamline your possessions?

We would love to help you! Please donate those unwanted but still usable materials including clothing, books, and bedding to us for shipment to Africa!

Your generous donation can provide shoes for children who have lived for years without shoes to protect their young feet.

In a country where there are no clothing manufacturers, and new clothes are an extreme luxury for families in small remote villages, your donation can provide clean clothes and linens.

Africans running the project make sure the items are distributed to those most needing them.

Contact us at [email protected]

or call 1-800-ALL-AFRICA