Due to both local and worldwide pandemic restrictions on shipped goods, I Want to Help Africa is not accepting donations of tangible items at this time; however, your financial donation is still critical for helping those in need in Africa. Please consider making a financial donation by clicking the donate link below.

Canadians love to help those in need in other parts of the world. The Canadian organization of I Want To Help Africa was created to allow Canadians to provide help to some of the poorest parts of Africa, in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Goods provided for these activities are collected in Canada and shipped directly to Africa.

All Canadians donating to I Want To Help Africa are making donations to the Canadian organization.  In so doing they are supporting activities conducted by the Canadian organization. Our organization is a nonprofit corporation created under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFP Act).

Our organization also meets the requirements for charitable registration under the Income Tax Act in Canada and has been designated as a registered charity. This enables us to issue tax receipts to Canadians who make donations to our organization. Registered charities are listed on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Your online donation to I Want To Help Africa is made through Canada Helps. Canada Helps is a registered charity in Canada which provides online donation services to other registered charities in Canada. It is well established in the non-profit sector and since 2000 has facilitated more than 300 million dollars in online donations. When you click on any donate button for Canada it will take you directly to the Canada Helps website.

We also have a Facebook page for our organization called I Want To Help Africa – Canada. Please visit us, like our page, and share posts with your friends.